Priyanka-Kapil post wedding photo shoot

SHE is the filmy kind and HE is the hero. They had a big fat Indian wedding. Now, was the turn for a 90's style Bollywood photo shoot.
We scouted around for the perfect venue and waited for the perfect weather. 
Romancing in the rain - Check!
Dancing in between flowers - Check! 
Become a true hero and twirl around with the bride in the arms - Check!
Running around the trees, a quintessential part of Indian filmy romance - Check!
Make life plans while the waves kiss your feet - check!
Have tonnes of fun - Of course, check ! 


  1. These pictures are so adorable. You guys have done such a great job in capturing the emotions :D

  2. Thank you for your kind words Sruthi, thats our inspiration :)


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