Ranjini & Dayalan

Hands-down, R&D are our favorite couple to work with. Both quirky and level headed, practical and fun; they come up with loads of challenges.
They are the only ones with whom we have shot in such variety of lights. You name it, we have done it as a team.
We have had dawn and dusk shoots, mid-day shoots, late night shoots in an uber-chic setup with graffiti walls, colorful cafes, and night shoots in dimly lit parks, middle of a pond, family shoots, solo Bharatanatyam stage performance.
What we love the most about them is, they always know what they want; and trust me it is never boring. We have had numerous shoots with them, and never once repetitive.
Even though, at times we tire them out, they never complain. It is only the truth when we say that, they do their best to give us what we ask of them.
Climb and sit on a coconut tree with traditional Indian costumes (read super uncomfortable, difficult to maneuver), do yoga poses in the vicinity of a reservoir with plenty of canoers watching, navigate to a rock in the midst of a lotus pond, pose with fluffy unicorns in the midst of a pub-lane, Do not blink for 10 seconds after the camera flashes at you in the deep darkness… are just a few on the list. They have been the best!