Shrey - At One Year Old

The little one was such a no-fuss guy. The little minion played with us all through the shoot.
Shrey jumped and giggled, stood up, crawled and played; laughing all the way through.
Shrey is the one who gave us confidence to take up more baby shoot assignments.
Baby shoots always need more energy, focus and camera skills. The clicks should be on time to catch the flash of a full-smile.
The best and worst part of a baby shoot is that you cannot demand the 'client' to hold the smile. You have to work harder to get the best shots.
But, the satisfaction is much greater and we get the privilege of capturing the child's true happiness and the genuine smile.

When the little one napped, parents wanted to weave a dream land for him.
Shrey's parents were mind-blowingly creative and un-conventional, when it came to the ideas.
We still debate which half of the shoot was more fun - with the boy or with the parents :)